Month: January 2021

Application Management Outsourcing ? Realize Untapped Cost-savings Potential

The effects of economic recession have been looming large on the IT industry. Today companies face daunting challenge of rising cost, slower customer spending, reeling stock market and global credit crunch. According to Gartner estimates approx 70% of IT spending goes to application management. With smaller budgets, the focus is on cutting the costs but the need to innovate has also gained the strength.

However, managing application is not everybody?s cup of tea. Unbearable downtime, rising cost, and underutilized resources take a toll on the business productivity. Application management resolves all these problems in following ways:

Direct Cost Cutting: Are you worried about your dollars not following to the right place and going down the drain due to over burden of managing your applications? Agree that the applications visibly demands higher maintenance costs, however this is the one area where you can implement direct cost cutting. The best way to cut the costs heavily is through outsourcing the management of applications. Business benefits from outsourcing extend beyond the higher profitability inherent in lower costs.

Improved Resource Allocation: Are your strong measures for right resource allocation stalled? For enterprises, it is difficult to manage the resource allocation in optimized manner with lots of applications to manage on their own. Adequate resource allocation drives the enterprises to choose application management outsourcing. Better application management lets them to avail all the available opportunities as the earlier occupied resources are free to focus on core business activities.

Reduced Complexity: Handling next-generation applications packed with various features is getting difficult, and how to run them is more complex. The application management outsourcing reduces the complexity associated with the applications and provides complete monitoring of each application on minute level. Have improved visibility across, and control over, your applications.

Instant Tangible Results: Pressed with the need for producing tangible results? Most enterprises aim to make applications perform smarter. But this is easier said than done. Application management outsourcing delivers the tangible results instantly. Enterprises don?t focus only on the cost and time factor when choosing application management outsourcing, instead they benefit with the applications skill-sets at short notice, improved processes, and competitive advantage.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership - Getting the most from your applications depends on how smartly you are running them. Application management outsourcing lets enterprises to develop and manage their applications without upfront huge investment and lower TCO. Improved time to implementation of new services and increasing disaster recovery capabilities spur the great reduction in TCO of the owner.

Continuous Enhancement ? Applications needs to evolve continuously to meet the changing business needs. They should be stable and available when your customers need them. This stability and availability can be achieved through application management outsourcing. You?re always in-the-know of the application management lifecycle and planned and phased enhancements of applications.

IT service providers with established offshore facilities are better positioned to deliver application management outsourcing. NaviSite provides highly-available and cost-effective Application Management and IT Infrastructure Hosting for your business applications and technology investments. Now, be ready to concentrate on core competencies and run non-core business activities efficiently.

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