What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is something that is very beneficial when it comes to cloud computing technology. It has actually become very popular over the last few years. Many people use this form of web hosting if they have a website, especially for their businesses. One will need these resources if they would like to keep up their website, or even spread the site across more than just one web server. Cloud hosting is beneficial because it can decrease the down time if one was to experience some type of malfunction in the server. This is when it really comes in handy for anyone's site. There are many different servers that are included in web hosting. Reseller hosting is also a part of this type of hosting that many people can take advantage of. Users will not even experience any bandwidth issues while they are using cloud hosting, and they can count on everything loading relatively fast. Another dedicated server that is a part of this hosting will be able to provide additional resources if this was to be the case. The good thing is that one's website will not just depend on one single server. Instead it will depend on many different servers in which users work together, which is known as cloud hosting.

Domain registration is very important when people are dealing with this hosting because one's site will need to be registered. People will need to be able to search for the site using Google, and many other search engines. If one is familiar with email hosting, they can take advantage of it if they are dealing with cloud hosting too. These are just a couple of things that one should keep in mind if they are thinking about building their very own site for business purposes. Each server that is delivered in cloud hosting works on a specific set of tasks, and that is basically how it works. This is, of course, if any of the servers were to fail in the cloud.

All of the other servers will start kicking it, just for a set period of time. They are known as back-ups. Cloud hosting is not only beneficial to the business and the website, but to the customers who are trying to visit the site. It has really come a long way and there have been many enterprises using it as well. The pricing is probably a little too expensive as of now, but it has decreased over the past 4-5 years as so many businesses owners have taken advantage of it.

Benefits Of Linux Web Hosting Over Windows Web Hosting In Case Of Average Site

Have you ever though that why nowadays, more and more people are turning towards Linux web hosting rather than the very conventional use of Windows web hosting? The most suitable answer to this deft change is stability. However, you may ask now, that on what terms is Linux more stable than windows? Contrasting windows, Linux is an open source operating system. The code is open and accessible to people, who can easily go through them and can recommend improvements. In addition to this, they are also allowed to point out bugs. Over the years, Linux has been developed in two smart categories such as Red Hat and Debian. It is a collective effort of thousands and thousands of people, who have worked really hard and have contributed their time to making Linux web hosting run faster and to provide simpler, more competent and bug free code.

The open programming environment, have made it easier to bring improvements regular basis. Also, the problems can be traced relatively quickly and solved with the least of complexity. A person, who is dependent on his website for any kind of business or other purpose, would not appreciate his site going offline as it is directly proportional to loss. This is the reason why every business wishes to procure a stable operating system so that they can totally avoid the miserable consequences of dreadful server crashes.

Second issue, where Linux gets an upper hand over windows is that while the new set up of an online site, whether or not, the operating system engaged will be able to use the full range of required software and scripts? Presently, most of the web hosting companies propose Linux web because whatever can be done with Windows hosting is completely possible with Linux Hosting as well. Today, almost all popular script packages on the web today are accessible in both Windows and Linux web hosting versions, where it has been widely accepted that Linux web hosting version is more stable and possess all of the features of windows.

Thirdly, expense, which is of course is one of the most important concerns, is also not an issue with Linux. Linux web hosting is usually offered at the equal charges as Windows web hosting. Hence now, with Linux, one can avail the same set of services at same price but additional features like:
? stability
? Applicable with all popular script packages

Another beneficial aspect, which is quite important to be mentioned here is that on Linux using PHP, it is much easier to program databases and this happens because even PHP was developed by the community and hence, is an open source.

Lastly, if you require Basic HTML pages, and have nothing to do with further additions of dynamic elements then Linux is the best pick for you. PHP, Perl and MySQL give you a whole range of possibilities. In order to gain more information about Linux web hosting, simply visit .

Web Hosting Companies ? Offering Wide Range Of Hosting Services

Web hosting companies are helping customers in building and hosting their own websites. By offering secure and reliable web hosting services they provided a platform for online sale and purchase. They are among the major contributors for increasing popularity of e-Business and other web applications.

Depending upon the personal or business needs of customers, web hosting companies provide a variety of services. Some of the most important services offered by a reputed web hosting company are as follows:

Web Hosting Services ? A web hosting company offers numerous types of hosting services. Depending upon the specific needs of client they provide different hosting packages like personal hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, virtual dedicated hosting, dedicated server hosting, managed hosting etc. All these services focus on different business goals of individuals and corporates.

Domain Registration Services ? Domain registration is among the most popular service offered by a reputed web hosting company. In order to start a website one needs a domain name (unique identity over internet). Web hosting companies keep association with domain registrars to provide domain booking facilities for their customers.

SSL Certificates ? SSL certificates are used in e-Commerce websites. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology that is commonly used for encrypting information sent between users and e-commerce websites, thereby securing transactions. Nowadays, SSL is the industry standard internet transaction security technology. To provide the required level of security and authenticity in the services of their customers, web hosting companies offer them SSL certificates.

Email Services ? Email is the most popular way of personal as well as business communication. To manage the email services online, organizations often needs email hosting services. Web hosting companies offer premium email services (based on POP or IMAP) to their customers with enhanced features, custom configuration, and comparatively large number of accounts.

Website Development ? A majority of web hosting companies also offer services for website design and development as an extension to their primary services. The facility is offered by them just to make sure their clients get one stop solutions to all their IT needs.

Aforementioned services are among the most popular services offered by any reputed web hosting company. Apart from that they also offer shopping cart, image hosting, files hosting, video hosting or blog hosting services.

What Is Game Server Web Hosting?

Currently, game server web hosting is one of the fastest growing segments in the entire web hosting industry. Many businesses have developed specifically to offer online gaming of all kinds and they all require the special services of game server web hosting providers.

Unlike traditional business hosting, game hosting is far more demanding. It requires significant amounts of specially formatted server space to meet the demands of many players choosing one game at a single time. There are literally millions of consumers around the world who opt to play games online, which all translates to a need for reliably organized and dedicated service.

Heavy traffic is not the only issue that should be addressed when looking for a game server web hosting service however. Easy to use control panels which can help the site owner automate and organize many processes is also something that should be considered an absolute ?must?. This is because the online gaming environment requires a lot of customer support and service, and also many applications and software updates and fixes which can only be managed with a good control panel feature.

Additionally, the amount of space required to handle the needs of the gaming software may limit the number of games available and the gamer server web hosting company selected. The games are each assigned a special ?node? on the hosting equipment and each node has a limited number of ?slots?, which translate to the total number of players who can access the game at any given time.

The best contemporary game server web hosting companies make about ten to fifteen nodes available on each server ? which is a good illustration of the kind of space the games and functions require. This also introduces the need for reporting features that quickly let the website owner know which of their games is receiving the most attention or usage. Such information is critical in expanding offerings or eliminating a game that may be taking up to fifteen percent of a company?s server space.

Many online gamers also like to discuss the games they are playing and to socialize with fellow gamers, because of this it is important to see if the game server web hosting company provides applications such as chatting or forums which will add to the enjoyment of the customers.

Finally, though the game server web hosting sites are relatively new, they still require as much security and updating as traditional server equipment. Because of this it is important to scrutinize each company before making a final choice.

Top Web Hosting Lucky Seven

Are you launching a website? If so, you?ll quickly find that not all web hosting companies are created equally. Things you should look for in a provider are reliability, price, responsiveness, security and a comprehensive control panel, some even offering basic website design set-up. While most hosting companies are resellers, we looked for those with full control over their data centers. We researched several hosting services to compile a list of the Top Web Hosting Lucky Seven list.

No. 1: IX Web Hosting (), in business since 1999, offers exceptional customer satisfaction rankings, fast load times and superior reliability. The company gives discounts on longer billing cycles, either quarterly, semi-annually, annually or every two years. They offer a full money-back guarantee including setup fees. The company?s uptime records are high, with overall reliability at 99.9 percent. Their data centers are complete with firewalls, leading security and CISCO state-of-the-art routers. The company uses H-Sphere technology to support their control panel, giving customers superb back-end plan management. You can add and remove domains, control email and FTP accounts, auto responders, MIME types, PHP/ASP configuration, mySQL, PostgreSQL and MMSQL databases.

No. 2: Lunar Pages (), established in 2000, offers basic hosting plans from just $6.95 per month, which includes 400 gigabytes of data transfer, unlimited MySQL databases, e-commerce, blog, forum and photo gallery functionality. This also includes a free domain name for life plus one additional add-on domain. Their datacenter includes Dell Power Edge 2650 servers and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Servers are multi-home, connecting to premium Tier-1 Backbone providers for optimal performance. The company offers CPanel 5 back-end control for email management, password and FTP login changes plus website statistics. LunarPages also delivers outstanding technical and customer support.

No. 3: BlueHost () in existence since 1996, offers an extensive script library including blogs, forums, calendars and portals, commerce functionality, SSL support, free domain registration, osCommerce, Spam Assassin and secure email. Their smallest plan begins at $7.95 per month and delivers 15,000 MB storage, 400 GB transfer and 2,500 emails. The company provides reliable backups, functional administration, leading-edge equipment and outstanding customer service.

No. 4: MidPhase () boasts more than 40,000 customers, all earned over just the past few years. The company offers the ideal hosting platform for small companies and individuals. They provide unmetered bandwidth on higher level plans and high bandwidth on lower plans, giving customers plenty of room to grow. Their smallest plan is just $7.95 and includes 15,000 MB storage, 500 GB transfer, unlimited emails, CPanel with Fantastico, free domain registration for life, PHP, Perl, SiteStudio and osCommerce. For larger companies, MidPhase offers shared, dedicated and Virtual Private Servers (VPS), a step in between shared and dedicated hosting plans. They have a history of reliable technical support issue resolution, with phone ticket issues resolved in just about 15 minutes on average.

No. 5: ANHosting () was established in 2001 and has quickly risen into a multi-million dollar web hosting company with three offices in two countries. They offer 17 GB disk space, 500 GB data transfer, ten domains, free domain for life, 30-day money-back guarantee, PHP, Perl, Python, GCC, RoR, unlimited MySQL databases, Frontpage extensions, a free website builder and 24/7 phone and email support with every plan. Services begin at a low $6.95 and scales upward from there. The largest plan gives you access to the Fantastico script library, Site Studio, Agora cart, osCommerce, SpamAssasin and unlimited emails. Their support is exceptional, with a solid track record and phone ticket resolution averaging just 15 minutes.

No. 6: HostExcellence (), founded in 2002, offers a broad selection of hosting plans and competitive pricing. They deliver reliable services with hardly no outages. The company uses two redundant fiber-optic connections in their datacenter, using their own fiber-optic look. So uptime is not tied to telephone companies for the last mile. Host Excellence also has multiple connections to Tier1 network providers. Their customer service record is superb, offering 24/7 live chat and sales services plus online trouble ticket submission.

No. 7: Easy CGI (), delivers exceptional Windows hosting at competitive pricing. Their core foundation lies on industry-leading technology including n+1 redundancy. So should a power failure occur, a fire erupt or HVAC systems falter, the company has both primary and secondary back-up plans in place. They provide the same 24/7 support you receive from our first six providers, as well as a toll-free access number. The company offers a range of hosting plans, from an email only hosting plan, at just $3.96 per month, to their enterprise plan at $21.56 per month. Their administrative control panel provides outstanding webmail, web-based FTP, reseller tools, disk/bandwidth usage, DNS administration, WWW password protection and more.

When shopping around, consider a ten-year plan for your business. Most companies stay with the hosting provider they begin with, as switching can be complicated and cause some downtime. Our Lucky Top Seven should be an excellent start.

Hostgator Review – Is Hostgator A Good Web Host?

If you are somebody who is searching for a new web hosting provider, you may seriously want to consider doing business with the following company. Their name is HostGator. In fact, you can think of this as being an unbiased Hostgator review. First let's start by talking a little bit about how the company got started, and then we will talk about why this company might be the very best choice available for somebody who is looking for what hosting provider.

Back in the year 2002, a man by the name of Brent Oxley started a small web hosting company that was primarily designed to cater to the needs of people who enjoy playing online games. This slowly but surely grew and the company eventually changed its name. Sometimes when you read a Hostgator review you will see that the old company name is mentioned. It was so long ago that, at this point, it makes no sense to mention the name of the old company.

This company grew over time and today is one of the largest hosting companies in the world.There are three basic reasons why you may want to consider doing business with HostGator. The first reason is that the company has a wonderful customer support team that is always available to help you. This can come in very handy if you're not sure what you are doing. The second reason is that the hosting that this company provides is extremely stable. You are highly unlikely to ever experience much if any downtime.

The third and final reason why you should strongly consider doing business with this company is because so many people who are currently customers stated that they would never consider moving to any other company. When you think about it, that is an extremely strong ahead and sign up for an account today. You'll be happy that you did.