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Your Guide To Microsoft Exchange Hosting

As we all know, the modern workplace is becoming increasingly remote. The days of being chained to a desk are now over, thanks to advanced technology which allows users to access information on mobile devices, whenever and wherever they wish.

This freedom is about to become much easier with Microsoft Exchange hosting from Genesis Communications. Read on to find out all you need to know about a product which is set to revolutionise mobile business communication.

What is Microsoft Exchange hosting?

The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange hosting
? Truly Remote Access
? Empower Your Workforce
? User-friendly Format
? Peace of mind
? Comprehensive Data Protection
? Reduce Compliance Risk
? Hassle Free
? Uptime Guaranteed
? Affordability

? Exchange Management Shell
? Exchange ActiveSync
? Outlook Web Access
? Outlook Auto-Discover
? Smart Scheduling
? Improved Search
? Bundled Encryption
? Improved User Interface
? Increased Storage

Glossary of Terms
? Mobile Device
? Server
? hosting
? Microsoft Exchange
? Microsoft Outlook
? Synchronising
? Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)
? Anti-Spam Protection
? Anti virus Filter
? Anti-Phishing Protection

What is Microsoft Exchange Hosting?

Microsoft Exchange Hosting is a platform for Exchange – a messaging and collaborative software product which allows users to access emails, contacts, calendar and other tasks remotely through Microsoft Outlook on a Blackberry, or other mobile device.

In order for Exchange to work, it has to be ?hosted? through a Microsoft Exchange Server. This requires a modern, high performance server and software, which are both expensive to purchase and maintain.

To access Exchange on a Blackberry, users also require a Blackberry Enterprise Server. The combined, typical set-up cost of this equipment is approximately ?9,000. In addition to this, the server has to be maintained. Historically, this has meant that businesses either have to hire someone ?in-house? or contract an external IT company to do this for them. The typical cost of this can be anything from ?5000 to ?25000 per year.

These figures have meant that before now, hosted exchange has been simply too costly for many businesses. This is where Genesis Communications can help.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 from Genesis now takes care of the server and hosting element, saving you the cost of complex equipment and the hassle of maintaining it.

The Benefits of Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has been specially designed to be easy to maintain and manage. It delivers increased access and communication power to workers, whilst at the same time offering comprehensive protection for your business and its systems.

Read on to discover all of the benefits that Microsoft Hosted Exchange has to offer:

Truly Remote Access ? With Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, users can access important Access e-mail, voice mail, calendar, and contacts from virtually anywhere, anytime using:

? A desktop computer
? A laptop computer
? A mobile device

Empower Your Workforce – Information is power, and with Microsoft Hosted Exchange you can give your workforce a unified messaging service which keeps everything in one convenient place.

You can now receive e-mail, voicemail and faxes through a single inbox. For example, voicemail can be forwarded with added text notes which can be found using a built-in search facility.

With Exchange Server 2007 you can deliver these time-saving features, to ensure that your workforce is more productive and efficient.
User Friendly Format – Exchange has a familiar, user-friendly experience based on the tried and tested Microsoft Outlook platform.
Peace of mind ? Exchange Hosting offers peace of mind, with all of your incoming and outgoing emails being scanned by dedicated data protection software.

Comprehensive Data Protection – Exchange provides integrated anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing technology to stop the latest threats before they impact upon your systems.

Reduce Compliance Risk – Exchange Server 2007 has been designed to help your business comply with corporate, regulatory, and legal requirements.
It has been designed to ease the workload of administrators charged with applying and enforcing compliance policies, avoiding adverse impact and increasing productivity.
Hassle-Free – Microsoft Hosted Exchange from Genesis not only saves money; it also eliminates all of the hassle that comes with the upkeep and maintenance of a server. This will leave you free to concentrate on your work tasks, safe in the knowledge that you are in the hands of one of the UK?s leading exchange server hosting providers.

Uptime Guaranteed – So confident are they in the service, Genesis? Microsoft Exchange Hosting is backed by a 99.9% Level of Uptime Service Agreement.

Affordability – Genesis are now offering Microsoft hosted exchange from as little ?8.40 per month, making it an extremely affordable solution for your business


Want to know more about Microsoft Exchange Server 2007? Here are some of its key features:

Web Ready Document Viewing – A new feature allows Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF) to be accessed as e-mail attachments or displayed as HTML, even if Office isn?t installed on the client PC.

Exchange Management Shell – The PowerShell scripting language, specifically optimised for Exchange, offers handy tools for the day-to-day e-mail administrator.

Exchange ActiveSync – Improved direct push e-mail ensures ActiveSync clients receive messages on server connect.

Other mobile-friendly features include inline message fetch ? the ability to download long attachments without reloading the entire message. As well as this, information rights management allows users with proper authority to view protected messages without being connected to a server.

Outlook Web Access – The latest OWA client is more or less identical to the popular Outlook 2003 desktop interface. Features and views are nearly the same, and performance is excellent.

Outlook Auto-Discover – Administrators no longer need to walk to client desktops to configure Outlook access to a specific account location. Users simply enter their user names and passwords, and Outlook automatically does the rest

Smart Scheduling – Scheduling Assistant and Calendar Attendant mean that Exchange tracks not only the schedules of all meeting invitees but also the availability of meeting rooms. Therefore, meetings can be fully scheduled without everyone?s Outlook client being connected.

Improved Search – A rewritten search algorithm noticeably boosts the speed at which Outlook can find specific messages in large message stores.

Bundled Encryption – Exchange can now automatically encrypt all e-mail messages sent within the local organisation. It also automatically supports TSL (Transcript Security Layer) encryption, including built-in certificates.

Improved User Interface – Exchange helps to save time and effort with advanced management tools. A new and improved user interface means that diagnostics, monitoring and troubleshooting tools are now in one place and easier than ever to use.
Increased Storage – As a native 64 Bit application, Exchange offers greater than ever storage capability to accommodate increasing demands for memory.

Glossary of Terms

Mobile Device ? This refers to a handheld device such as a Blackberry, which allows you to access email and other applications whilst on the move.

Server – A server computer (server for short) is a computer system that has been designated for running a specific server application such as Microsoft Exchange.

Hosting ? This refers to a computer (server) containing data or programs that another computer can access by means of a network or modem. These programs, such as Exchange are ?hosted? by a server.

Microsoft Exchange ? A Multi-purpose messaging software, useful for managing tasks such as email.

Microsoft Outlook ? Used mainly as an e-mail application, Outlook also provides a calendar, task and contact management, note taking, a journal and web browsing. Outlook can be synchronised with your mobile device.

Synchronising – This refers to the process of transferring files between two devices. This is done automatically. For example, when you edit details of a contact in outlook on your computer, this change is also made on your mobile device once it is connected.

Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) – Connects to Microsoft Exchange, to synchronise email and other information between desktop and mobile software.

Anti-Spam Protection – Automatically blocks unwanted, nuisance email otherwise known as Spam.

Anti Virus Filter – Checks email for viruses which could be harmful to your computer

Anti-Phishing Protection – Protects your system from hackers attempting to fraudulently obtain usernames, passwords, credit card details and other sensitive data.

Approved Microsoft Partner
Genesis has been specially approved to supply Exchange Hosting, having been awarded Microsoft Gold Partner Status in 2007. This is a certification which is only awarded to those who meet Microsoft?s rigorous standards and testing.
We are also a Microsoft small business specialist having demonstrated a high level of competency in providing communications solutions for small businesses.